An original song from Autumn 2013.

Below is footage of me from way back in 2009 playing Television's Marquee Moon on bass at Martyr's in Chicago. We assembled a band to commemorate the last day of analog television signals.

Music production and recording have always been huge interests of mine. Ever since I can remember, I was always listening to recordings and absorbing the sound, wondering how the producers achieved certain reverberations, echoes or distortions. 

I am an accomplished guitarist and bassist. I started playing guitar in 7th grade, knuckling down and learning the impossible chords to Steely Dan songs. I dabble in drums and keyboards.

I make music in Ableton Live 9. My goal is to produce digital sounds so they resemble that "real" analog sound. This involves hand-mapping MIDI tracks, adjusting the velocities and tinkering with the quantization to make it seem like a human is pounding on the drums or strumming the guitar as opposed to a CPU just churning out ones and zeros.

I started a project in 2011 called King Apathy. The tracks are produced by sampling various 1960s & 1970s music. Some tracks have up to 30 individual samples on top of each other. I don't use any effects or compression-- I just speed up or slow down samples, chop them up so they play nice with each other. Then I add my vocals on top which sound similar to Marc Bolan from T. Rex (not on purpose, that's just my voice).

Below is a trio of songs from the summer of 2012 which somehow mix emulations of Juno-6 keyboards, huge Steve Albini drum production and maybe some pop. Created in Ableton Live. I was listening to a lot of Wire's A Bell Is A Cup Until It Is Struck.