Superfast Jellyfish / MSPaint style

Gorillaz came out with a nice little album called Plastic Beach back in March. Wowee, wow. It's good. At first I was not into it, but then I became into it. Lots of incongruent sounds mixed together to make some 'gruency. Here's an MSPaint rendition of a superfast jellyfish, coincidentally the name of one of the album's singles-- "Superfast Jellyfish" featuring De La Soul. The art for the jellyfish was originally by Gorillaz' main artist, Jamie Hewlett, responsible for the well-known comic, Tank Girl.

[Since the MOVs and SWFs in older posts are displaying error messages after switching over to my new domain (, here's an old-fashioned .GIF animation of the work-in-progress. Meanwhile, I'll write an angry e-letter to]