Brandon in the recording studio with a magic guitar.

Brandon in the recording studio with a magic guitar.

Brandon Rios has always had design on the top of his mind. One of his first memories was hopping in front of a beige Macintosh circa 1990 and scrolling through the font menu in awe.

Fast forward to the present day and you can still see that sense of amazement— except nowadays you’ll find him hard at work vectorizing in Illustrator, masking in Photoshop or key-framing in After Effects (not to mention his skills in InDesign).

He pursued his dreams of becoming a professional graphic designer, providing 6+ years of print production, digital design and motion graphics to companies such as Clear Channel and VeriFone Media.

He currently works at The Tribune Publishing Company (formerly tronc). He performs a mix of digital design and ad operations duties— generating ad tags, applying impression tracking and providing troubleshooting for live campaigns across multiple markets.

He thrives in fast-paced environments, is a highly effective communicator, and— most of all— he’s dedicated to providing your company with excellent graphic design.