Responsive Design


Responsive Ad Barker

CTNOW Barrel Night

This Hartford-based Responsive Barker with In-Unit Video promotes CTNow’s Barrel Night, an event where an attendee can sample “a wide array of top-shelf whiskeys, bourbons and ryes".

I was provided layered PSDs at each breakpoint size, which helped me to smoothly scale the Barker down. An informational video is anchored to the left side of the unit, while the right side containing the text scales accordingly with the browser's width.

The background image features a crisp photo of whiskey poured into a shot glass. The center of the unit displays their rustic turn-of-the-century style logo, with matching descriptive text.

This unit combines a modern feel with vintage charm, a combination that's sure to pique the interest of any whiskey aficionado.



Mobile Reveal Unit


The Mobile Reveal uses a quiz component, with questions taken directly from a quiz on Havenly’s website which determines a potential client's style/aesthetic.

After an intro animation, the ad collapses and the user can click through to the quiz in the expanded portion.

The user answers the questions by dragging-and-dropping their preferred image into a box.

Depending on how the user answers the questions, the quiz matches them up with 1 of 3 stylists at Havenly, with the option to click through to that specific stylist’s profile page.

Expandable half page

Dorchester County Tourism

This 300x600 Expandable unit was created for Dorchester County Tourism and it contains several elements for the user to explore. The client sent me a rough outline of what they wanted along with flattened JPEGs. They also asked me to utilize elements from their website.

Text fades in slowly and an expansion button provides information about Harriett Tubman's life in Dorchester. Within the expanded 600x600 portion of the ad, the user can scroll through more serene pictures and messages - "Discover Maryland's Eastern Shore", "Be Inspired By An American Hero" and "Follow the Footsteps of an American Legend".

The user can then click into further sub-menus. Each button triggers a custom animation which slowly pans across beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions. One sub-menu promotes various hotel packages available within the county along with an enticing photo of a resort by the bay.


barker with in-unit video + reskin

University of Chicago Medicine

This barker was a takeover of the Chicago Tribune’s home page. It incorporated their TV spot and showed an inspirational recovery story from the award winning chef Grant Achatz.

All of the units designed for this campaign tell a cohesive story and spread awareness of the University of Chicago Medicine’s effors to combat cancer.